- 실제로 진행중인지는 모르겠음.

- 관련 : Co-Living Space For Creative Minds In Copenhagen

Krash is a network of shared living spaces where short-term residents immerse themselves in the culture of innovation by co-living with like minded people. With Ideapaint covered walls, business class internet, coffee and tea stations, towel and linen service and bi-weekly professional cleaning services - these spaces are designed to facilitate collaboration, and accelerate networking and development. 

BOS/CHI/LA/NYC/DC (지점인가???)

-  다양한 형태의 프로젝트를 살펴 볼 수 있음. 영어 설명이 더 이해하기 편함
-  We create urban projects designed to advance open, shared, collaborative lifestyles.

- 월드컵이 열리는 브라질에서 창업가들과 함께 살면서 창업을 하려면...

- 홈페이지만 봐서는 모르겠지만...사진은 가축(?)적 분위기

- 투자까지 해주는것으로 봐서 기숙형(?) 액셀러레이터라 할 수 있겠음. Instant Community: Hackers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Guys & Girls. Weekly Tech Talks, Sunday night dinners, Saturday pregames/ragers.

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